DNAttitudes is a space created especially for our directors, consultants and senior advisors to give their sharp insights into key issues on the EU agenda. Our aim is to throw fresh light upon what matters for Europe.

We have a dazzling array of talent from all over Europe in our team and the blogs displayed here will reflect that rich diversity of experience and opinion. The views presented will be solely those of the authors themselves and not the collective view of our house, company or clients.

Macron: Boost for EU or steady as she goes?

Perspectives after Brexit week

Brexit – State of Play

The road to Rome and beyond

PAEDIATRICS: The state of play today – and tomorrow

New President of the European Parliament Change in role and influence of the Parliament

Can Martin Schulz stop Angela Merkel from becoming Chancellor again?

Trump’s changing world order: Europe needs to assert its interests

Was 2016 the EU’s “annus horribilis”?

COP 22 and the EU: more courage needed

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