Advocacy Public Affairs

Our experience shows that the effective communication of the client`s message to decision-makers can be crucial to obtaining a successful result in Brussels. We draw on our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the European decision-making process to help you secure the best possible regulatory result.

Outreach to EU decision-makers

You are always your own best advocate. Our task is to guide you to the right decision-makers, advise on messaging and tactics and lobby on your behalf whenever needed. We do this by putting ourselves in the place of the decision-makers and tailoring your strategy to match their needs and the requirements of the regulatory process. The right timing, messaging and approach are all factors crucial to the final outcome.

Outreach to Member State governments

Often the Member States are key to unlocking a favourable decision. However, politics is always local and communicating across cultures difficult. Drawing on our international staff and our network of advisors and partner consultancies, we make your voice heard where it matters the most. We guide you to the key decision-makers, draw on our local expertise and help you make your case successful, regardless of the particular environment.