Communication can be an effective tool to set the agenda in Brussels – if done in the right way! Careful consideration of your goals and message is imperative. The aims of our communication philosophy, advice and activities are always to present your part of a case and to make sure that decision-makers are familiar with your brand, actions and have a general positive impression of your company. Our experience shows that timing and solid arguments are the key to success and our advice is always – be well prepared!

Image management / Perception audit

One of the first things to consider when dealing with the EU media is how your company is perceived by journalists, decision-makers and stakeholders. We deliver information and intelligence on how your actions are viewed in a given case. This helps you understand how to shape messages, position yourself and also how and when to “kill” myths and get the right data on the table.

Media outreach

Dealing with the EU media is a difficult task. Different news circles, a diversified media landscape and different priorities in various Member States makes your battle harder compared to what you face on the national media market. We advise on how to get to the right audience and how to deal with the chaotic EU media setting. We are not afraid of using new and creative media tools, but a clear and honest message will always be the focus of our service.

Corporate communications

Our job is to develop and implement communication strategies. We distinguish between internal and external communication but the objectives are the same: telling your story and informing market players. We analyse the media issues relevant to your profile, identify opportunities and then develop a concrete media plan. As a general rule of thumb, we always seek to align communication campaigns with the political agenda, as this is often very productive for both your future activities and public perception.

Social media strategy

Advocacy is becoming virtual. To ensure your communications campaign covers all angles and uses the increasingly popular online communications avenues, cabinet DN can design an up-to-date communications strategy, looking at ways your campaign can benefit from social networking sites, blogs, discussion fora and more. By working with you to create a social media strategy, we can also define your campaign measurables and determine the impact your online presence can have.