Issues Management

The foundation of any successful public affairs strategy is intelligence gathering and advice. The series of monitoring and advice services we provide for you ensures that you are fully aware of any threats and opportunities which may have an impact upon your business and are able to keep on top of the game and ahead of your competitors.


For each project we provide you with a series of mapping documents. Built around our in-depth understanding of the Brussels process, these mappings identify the key individuals on your issue, or related issues, and ensure that you know who you need to contact/meet with and who you need to keep an eye on. These mappings exist in three forms:

  • Institutional mapping: a comprehensive overview of the key decision makers relevant to your sector in the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council.
  • Stakeholder mapping: a comprehensive overview of the key stakeholders relevant to your sector, including trade associations, NGO’s and other companies.
  • Issues mapping: setting out all aspects of the issue(s) you are concerned with and identifying relevant related issues on the horizon.

We will advise you at the outset which of these mapping documents will be relevant to your project. The results of the mapping will then feed into the overall public affairs strategy we develop for you.


An essential aspect of any public affairs strategy is comprehensive and up-to-the minute monitoring. We cover all relevant press, Institutions and stakeholders, to make sure that no new developments go unnoticed. We also carry out intelligence gathering using our contacts within the Institutions, to find out what is going on behind the scenes.

Although monitoring normally supplements a full public affairs strategy, we can provide a stand-alone monitoring service if you simply wish to keep updated on developments in you sector. In addition to keeping you regularly updated on key developments, we provide you with the following:

  • “Red Flags” or “Early Warnings” : when a major event happens of relevance to your sector we will send you an immediate summary of the issue, together with suggestions for action
  • MonitorPLUS: a summary document normally sent on a monthly basis, which sets out all key developments relevant to your sector during that month, together with a political analysis and recommendations for action.
Regulatory analysis/advice

Our extensive in-house political and legal competence enables us to provide you with valuable strategic regulatory analysis and advice. We will carry out an in-depth analysis, briefing you on the content of a specific piece of legislation or proposal and the positions of the various actors involved, as well a giving you a projected outcome. We will also provide you with a series of recommendations on the best way to react.

Strategic advice and messaging

At the onset of any new client relationship we develop a comprehensive strategy, which sets out the objectives to be achieved, tactics to be used and an indicative timeline. We also offer you strategy sessions, to help tailor your messaging on the various issues and for a variety of different audiences: key decision makers from across the political spectrum, policy developers, stakeholders and media. Throughout the relationship, we will deliver strategic advice on easy wins and long-term gains for involvement in the policy process on various issues.