Network Building

Network building is where we create visibility of your organisation and messages by building relations with decision makers and stakeholders. It is an essential part of any successful public affairs campaign. Network building is preceded by a specific mapping of key officials and stakeholders you need to target.

 Contact Programme

You only get one shot at making a good impression! To influence decision-making, you need to reach out the key players in Brussels on your issue. Through our extensive networks in the Institutions and with Brussels stakeholders’, we help you identify and meet with these people. We make sure you come well prepared to the meeting by providing background documents and coordinate any necessary follow up activity.

Branded Events

By organising an event around your issue you create visibility, relationship building opportunities and the possibility to reach out to the media. We offer full scale event organisation services, as well as advice for securing a high level key note speaker or organising background briefings to the Brussels press corps. In all cases, we make sure your event is relevant for your objectives and target audience.

Third Party Events

Fully recognising the benefits of organising an event as part of your campaign, you may have reasons not to be prominently visible yourself,. We have extensive experience with organising events through third parties, like industry associations, think tanks or interest groups.