Political Due Diligence

Before taking equity in a company, you need to know what’s on the political books. We provide you with the political and regulatory insight to supplement your investment decision, by assisting you in the assessment of threats and opportunities offered by a given political environment, whether securing trade union support for a foreign take-overs or government support for a merger.

 Early Community Programme /Stakeholder Relations

We help pave the way for a future investment or business partnership by building relations with the powers that be. Wherever you go, we make use of our extensive contacts and cultural know-how to establish positive and sustainable relationships with the key political stakeholders, whether public decision-makers, corporate opinion-makers or media.

Issue Screening

We screen the political surroundings to ascertain any potential changes to the regulatory environment of your investment target. We do this by mapping out the relevant policy issues, providing a full view of the regulatory pipeline, and producing up-to-the-minute. Our efforts help you evaluate the impact, positive or negative, of on all elements of the company, from the framework conditions to the business model.