Social Media

Social Media are everywhere

Social media are as useful as dangerous in public affairs, and nevertheless necessary. In Politics social media is a great tool to mobilize activists or simply raise awareness on different topics. It also helps you to get in touch with different stakeholders or individuals sharing the same interests as you. In the EU affairs where topics are very technical, this can be of crucial importance to raise interest of policy makers. You will be able to connect virtually with the different players and interact with them.

Set up a successful Social Media strategy

For this you will need to have a good overview of the different stakeholders and their social media presence, as well as the quality of it. We can help you determine if a MEP is tweeting himself or not, as if a blogger is a corporate-boot or an individual.

It is therefore necessary to most organisations to insure a presence on social media, and use them properly. Cabinet DN can define with you a clear strategy and implement it. You will see its effects on the short and long term, as the most frequent users of social media are young politicians who are also the next senior generation!

Do not expect magic out of there, social media requires time, strategy and forward thinking as well as funniness and an artistic mood; we will help you sort it out.