Environment & Energy

Environment and energy policies are closely interlinked. Rising energy prices and increasing dependence on energy imports jeopardises Europe’s energy security and competitiveness. At the same time emissions need to be reduced, climate change to be mitigated, and huge investments to be made to make Europe’s installations and infrastructure fit for the future. Energy efficiency is being reflected in virtually all policy aspects of EU environment and energy policy, defining markets and standards.

Our expertise

At cabinet DN we help you to navigate through this complex political environment that has direct repercussions on your business. At cabinet DN, we are used to working with companies and associations in the public affairs and relations arena. We have extensive political experience with environment and energy policies and regulatory issues, assisting clients with policy monitoring and advice. We have been running several advocacy campaigns these past years, where we have worked closely with consumers, NGOs, industry and public authorities.

Our services comprise
  • Monitoring to supplement and complement your current capacity;
  • Intelligence-gathering using our political networks;
  • Assisting you in your work with associations etc., being your additional eyes and ears in Brussels, and representing you if requested;
  • Giving strategic advice from our politically experienced team;
  • Tailor-made advocacy campaigns;
  • Providing comprehensive media and communications services, including utilising our crisis management experience.


Case studies



We supported our client during the campaign on the ILUC Directive by providing strategic advice and organising outreach activities in the European Parliament, European Commission and Council. We provided advice on messaging and gathered intelligence from our political networks to support our client during the discussions on what was described by some as the most lobbied environmental dossier of the parliamentary term.

Energy and climate policy framework for 2030

European Institutions currently debate on an integrated energy and climate policy framework for the period up to 2030. We advise a number of clients on the institutional developments by gathering intelligence and providing early warnings on the potential consequences for industrial sectors.

Energy infrastructure

We supported our client aiming at creating an electricity transmission connection between several countries. We have been acting on the European and national level. On the one hand, influencing the “Guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure” via Brussels-focused advocacy campaign. On the other hand, on the national level our mission was to raise the energy grid issue from a technical to a political level in key Member States and determine the strategy, including messaging, coalition building as well as awareness raising and an advocacy campaign.

Sustainable construction

cabinet DN worked on a campaign related to the revision of the EU Public Procurement rules and to the European strategy on sustainable construction. We have developed an issue and decision-maker mapping and carried out an advocacy campaign targeted at key contacts within the European Institutions and with industry stakeholders. We have also provided assistance of drawing up amendments as well as event organisation. We demonstrated how the company’s products help harnessing the digital revolution in building green, cost-efficient and innovative buildings.

Construction products, advocacy and social media

We supported some of the worlds’ leading construction product manufactures in their outreach to the European Commission as well as with regard to their yearly policy events in Brussels. Social media and media was part of the service to increase the number of participants and to create a strong voice to address sustainability in the construction sector.

Energy-Efficiency coalition

Managing an “energy-efficiency coalition” for our client we created awareness on sustainability and energy efficiency. As a result a group of NGOs and corporations agreed to support the ideas of our client. In the framework of the coalition management we arranged policy events, media briefings as well as background briefings with political decision-makers here in Brussels as well as in selected Member States.

The resulting Eco-Design Directive amendment created a new market for our client’s energy-efficient product solutions.


For our client, we monitored political debates and developments on siloxanes in key Member States (MS) and intervened effectively as needed. Actions and deliverables included the monitoring of media in key MS of interest; analysis of political trends and developments in the MS of interest; advice on legal and political implications at EU level of policy options; reaching out to decision-makers to educate on the effects of chemicals.

Our interventions generated EU pressure that caused Norway to reconsider their proposed ban on siloxanes; also prompted Denmark to reevaluate their endocrine disrupters strategy.

Waste – Electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

The European Commission focused on reducing administrative costs through the removal of all unnecessary administrative burdens, without lowering the level of environmental protection; improving effectiveness and implementation of the Directive through increased compliance and reduced free-riding; reducing impacts on the environment from the collection, treatment and recovery of WEEE at the levels where the greatest net benefit to society results.

We helped our client to get his voice heard in the political process. We provided intelligence from EP, Council, Commission and NGOs; leveraged our wide network of EU contacts; developed targeted messaging to convince decision-makers; provided strategic advice on advocacy options and expected legislative scenarios.

Moreover, we have been monitoring the transposition and implementation of the WEEE directive in the Member States and identifying their positions.

Waste management – Recycling

On behalf of our client we have been in direct contact with the European Commission with regard to the lack of awareness of proper waste management. We have been successful together with the Commission in correcting and changing Member State legislation with regards to dealing with a certain waste category within Member States, among others in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Denmark.

Event management – Setting your agenda

We are convinced that a proactive approach will help you to drive the political agenda.

The CleanTech Rountable, developed by cabinet DN and hosted by Alexander de Roo, aimed at providing a forum where decision-makers, the industry, NGOs and academics can openly discuss clean-tech, water and energy efficient technologies and the related policy framework; thereby stimulating the promotion of cutting edge technological solutions and ensure the backing of EU policy-makers.

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