Food & Agriculture

Food and health policies are closely interlinked. Being in good health and leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the main concerns of European citizens. EU health policy aims at improving public health, preventing illnesses and diseases, protecting European citizens from health threats and promoting healthier lifestyles.

With its integrated approach to food safety (‘From the Farm to the Fork’) , the European Union wants to guarantee a high level of food safety at all stages of the production and distribution chains; animal health, welfare & nutrition, and plant health within the European Union, while ensuring the effective functioning of the internal market.

Our expertise

At cabinet DN we help you to navigate through this complex political environment that has direct repercussions on your business. At cabinet DN, we are used to working with companies and associations in the public affairs and relations arena. We have extensive political experience with environment and waste policies and regulatory issues, assisting clients with policy monitoring and advice. We have been running several advocacy campaigns these past years, where we have worked closely with consumers, NGOs, industry and public authorities.

Our services comprise
  • Monitoring to supplement and complement your current capacity;
  • Intelligence-gathering using our political networks;
  • Assisting you in your work with associations etc., being your additional eyes and ears in Brussels, and representing you if requested;
  • Giving strategic advice from our politically experienced team;
  • Providing comprehensive media and communications services, including utilising our crisis management experience.


Case studies


Training the Senior Management team in EU public affairs

cabinet DN developed a two day programme (workshop) for the client. We prepared detailed training material focused on EU healthcare priorities such as biosimilars and the “pharma package”, provided strategic advice; involved prominent ex-EU political decision-makers during interactive debates and elaborated on the do-and-don’ts of EU Public Affairs. cabinet DN organized several networking events ensuring the engagement with key political decision-makers including, the European Commission, European Parliament and Permanent Representations in Brussels and set up a series of personalised contact programmes for the Senior Management team. As a result the Senior Management Team has been able to learn, prepare and implement their newly acquired Public Affairs skills during a compact two day workshop while at the same time having established good relations with key stakeholders and political decision makers.

Advocacy plan towards European decision-makers

We provided our healthcare client with a 360 degree analysis, shaping the clients political priorities as well as a comprehensive advocacy plan for setting up successfully a government and public affairs office in Brussels: We identified relevant political decision-makers being allies/ opponents to the client’s interests; developed various position papers on healthcare issues, among others, clinical trials and biosimilars and provided strategic and tactical advice.

Plasma-derived products

cDN has provided the client with a comprehensive intelligence and regulatory report on the plasma-derived products market in EU member states enabling the client to position itself in the EU political arena.We provided intelligence on the state of play of the market in EU member states, identified possible legislative changes in the short, medium or long term based on our intelligence within the EU member states and EU institutions as well as other stakeholder organisations and assessed impacts of changes for the clients’s business model.

Sustainable Agriculture

We have provided our client with an overall advocacy concept in meeting its political goals in the field of sustainable agriculture.

The concept comprised of an analysis of the state of play of the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and an outlook identifying the major threats and opportunities to the client. The outlook included recommendations on the platforms for proactive and positive positioning of the client’s activities in Brussels, an advocacy concept and an overview on potential allies, messages and concrete suggestions for the way forward.

Food legislation

We developed the client’s political messages with respect to the regulation for a common authorization procedure for enzymes, additives and flavourings; drafted parliamentary amendments; approached the rapporteur, shadow rapporteurs and other key MEPs in the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. As a result the amendments in line with the client’s business goals have been tabled and voted upon successfully.


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