Health & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare in the economic crisis poses an unprecedented challenge to European governments. An ageing European population and the rise in chronic diseases, combined with rising unemployment and the spread of unhealthy lifestyles, have placed huge additional burdens on national healthcare systems. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry in Europe is faced with the challenge of cutting costs whilst improving productivity and innovation. Lastly, patients and healthcare professionals are increasingly making their voices heard and are calling on governments and industry alike to respond to their needs and to deliver.

This in turn has an impact on all healthcare players and has implications as to how they implement their advocacy and communications strategies across the EU. Navigating this complex policy and stakeholder landscape requires a comprehensive and targeted response.

Due to its in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector and drawing from the expertise of its high-level political network, cabinet DN is ideally placed to guide you and your organisation through the challenging healthcare field. Our specialities include:

  • Monitoring and political intelligence gathering on key developments in the healthcare arena at international, EU and national level
  • Strategic communications and regulatory lobbying targeting European and national health decision-makers and third party stakeholders
  • Devising and implementing advocacy and communications campaigns at EU and national level to raise awareness of a specific disease area
  • Creating and managing multi-stakeholder coalitions on a specific healthcare issue
  • Carrying out comprehensive EU and national media campaigns, both on- and offline
  • Executing Public Affairs capacity building and internal communication campaigns for pharmaceutical companies,┬ápatient organisations and healthcare professional organisations

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