Information Technology

The digital revolution brings at the same time numbers of economic opportunities and regulatory challenges. While the EU has recognized the necessity to make use of the flourishing internet economy to boost economic growth and job creation, several initiatives have been put in place in order to provide this growing sector with the appropriate enabling regulatory framework.

Adaptation of existing legislation to the needs of the digital era and creation of incentives to foster innovation and entrepreneurship are amongst the challenges faced by European policy-makers. In order to guarantee a level playing field both in the online and offline worlds as well as the ability for both new business models to emerge and existing ones to continue developing, it is crucial for all players of the internet economy to actively take part in the debate and shape upcoming legislation.

Key current and forthcoming issues include:

  • Data Protection
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Trade
  • IP valorisation
  • Related internal market issues such as public procurement


Case studies

Creation of a third-party echo chamber

For a telecoms operator, we successfully launched an education and advocacy campaign targeting decision makers, academics and the general public by mobilising supportive third parties and elected officials to eliminate network neutrality proposals from the Telecoms Package and instead secure endorsement of network management.

From the outset of the campaign, there was little public or political awareness of the threat of network neutrality. To educate decision makers, we commissioned studies highlighting the benefits of network management, organised events with the participation of decision makers, stakeholders and experts endorsing the position of the client. With our support, independent experts placed op-eds and articles in major newspapers outlining the downside of Net Neutrality regulation. We also organised meetings between experts and key decision makers.

EU Advocacy campaign and outreach in key Member States

We helped our client, a world software leader, to put in place a large scale campaign to promote the its technology with European and national policy-makers in order to create a strong political signal from the EU in favour of the adoption of a new collaborative platform for information exchange in national procurement policies.

After having identified a champion MEP to support the client’s cause in the European Parliament, we strengthened our advocacy effort via the creation of a transnational coalition of like-minded stakeholders and the organisation of an extensive outreach programme in key Member States (France, Germany, UK and Netherlands).

Under the patronage of our champion MEPs we invited allies to present good case studies from pioneer Member States in the European Pariament. We finally managed to achieve a political consensus at EU level and to profile our client with national and European policy-makers.

Strategic positioning in the Brussels scene

We helped our client, a European IPR-dedicated investment fund, to raise their profile with the EU Institutions and other relevant stakeholders, starting with a comprehensive mapping of all key players in Brussels, taking into account various aspects of our client’s work and linking them to a variety of European initiatives, thus ensuring a global relay of the client’s message.

We achieved an increased visibility for our client, positioning them as one of the central players in shaping the debate with regard to their area of activities. Through meetings with the relevant decision-makers, as well as the organisation of a high-level dinner with the participation of major European companies and European Commission officials, to which we contributed by drafting the invitees list and issues briefings as well as by taking care of administrative arrangements, we succeeded in establishing our client as a go-to player and securing invitations by the European Commission and Parliament to a series of important events and private meetings.

Management of a Trade Association in IT goods

We managed the day–to-day work of a Trade Association of 9 global leaders in IT goods, providing administrative support and political intelligence.  We contributed to profiling our client as the first point of contact and source of information for their industry both at EU- and national level. For them we organised national campaigns to respond to arising regulatory issues.

Thanks to a combination of PR and PA including the enlisting of third party support and the tabling of parliamentary questions, we managed to turn new legislative developments in the favour of the client

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