Trade & Competition

The political arguments in competition cases are often overlooked, as the focus is solely placed on the legal aspects. However, using carefully structured political argumentation can be one of the best ways of influencing a competition decision, be it on state aid, antitrust or merger issues.

We have a successful track record in providing public affairs assistance to the work of legal teams involved in competition cases to reach a positive outcome for the client. Each strategy is formulated on a case-by-case basis and always following the lead of the legal team. We make use of our contacts in and around DG Comp, other Commission Directorate-Generals and inside the Commissioner Cabinets to raise awareness of non-legal aspects to the case at hand. We politicise issues when relevant, pointing to matters of principle or the potential impact of a case decision on regulatory matters or on official Commission policy. We also build alliances with key Brussels stakeholders, including MEPS, other corporate groups or trade associations, and third party voices such as experts, commentators or economic consultancies.

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